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Catching Stories and Touching Lives: In Conversation with Bri MacNaught

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

In the world of sports journalism, it's not just about reporting scores and stats. It's about the people, the triumphs, the losses, the journeys, and, most importantly, the stories behind all of it. One person who stands out in the art of storytelling is Bri MacNaught. Having made her mark as a Sports Journalist for Spectrum News and now, a Production Manager for Orange County Public Schools, Bri has used her passion for storytelling to inspire, engage, and touch the hearts of many. Today, we take a deep dive into her journey, understanding her inspiration, process, challenges, and the impact her work has had on the community. From a student at UCF to a seasoned professional, Brianna’s story is not only about the stories she tells, but it is also an inspiring narrative in itself. Join us as we unfold her story, one question at a time.

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